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At Memorial Lutheran Chapel School, our children develop a love of God, a love of learning, a love of all people, and a love of life.

Each day we offer children opportunities within a carefully planned daily routine, to work and play independently, to make choices, to pursue their own interests, and to solve problems that arise during the process.  The focus throughout the day is on children’s own choices and decisions, guided and supported by adults who are aware of the children’s developmental needs.  Our daily routine includes both child-directed and adult-directed activities as well as small– and large-group times.  Our goal is to help children become self-reliant problem-solvers who are eager and ready to learn.

The Elementary curriculum at Chapel School stresses active learning experiences with reading and writing across the curriculum, problem-solving, observation, experimentation, exploration and collaboration with other learners.  Our schoolwork has intrinsic value and connects with life outside of school, which helps to engage and motivate learners.  Our goal is to foster well rounded and happy children in a joyful yet challenging academic environment; one in which they are unafraid to take risks and have many opportunities to demonstrate what they can do.

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